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Densmore Holdings

Texas Landmarks by the Numbers

15 acres: Size of Dealey Plaza Historic District in Dallas, the site of the John F. Kennedy assassination and birthplace of countless conspiracy theories.

Helping Parents Protect Their Children From Measles

Doctors who drive down the vaccination rate by indulging, or even spreading, conspiracy theories discredit their profession and put people at risk.


I can see how conspiracy theories can be convenient. Perhaps it would be a relief to attribute my past social misfortune on The Hand of Monaco, ...

The Fans Who Refuse to Believe Michael Jackson Is Dead

There is almost certainly nothing in it, just like there is almost certainly nothing in any of these dead celebrity conspiracy theories. And yet, that doesn't ...

Mursi’s death is being shamefully politicised

Those claims are based purely on conspiracy theories concocted by Cairo's pro-Brotherhood enemies and disseminated by the usual suspects CNN, ...